Best Cutting Supplements to Burn Fat and Keep Muscle

Cutting SupplementsBurning fat without shedding muscle is challenging, which is why many people rely on cutting supplements.

To ensure you eliminate fat but retain as much muscle as possible, you may want to try one of these supplements for cutting.

#1. Whey Protein

Whey protein is one of the most effective cutting supplements, because it provides the basic building blocks your body needs to produce amino acids.

In turn, amino acids help develop muscle tissue.

A study performed by McMaster University revealed that athletes who consumed whey protein experienced nine times more muscle growth and repair than those who used other types of protein such as soy or casein.

The same group also noticed 122 percent greater muscle protein synthesis when compared to casein protein users.

#2. Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs)

Sometimes referred to as the “building blocks” of the body, Branched Chain Amino Acids make up 35% of your muscle mass, and are necessary for molecular growth and development.

They have also been shown to speed Recovery, promote cell volumization, and enhance vasodilation to allow for the greater absorption of protein.

BCAAs can also prevent catabolism or the breakdown of muscle tissue, making it one of the better cutting supplements for maintaining muscle mass.

While cutting you should consider taking BCAAs throughout the day.

#3. Glutamine

Of all the naturally-occurring amino acids in the body, Glutamine is the most abundant.

According to scientists, glutamine levels in the body drop by as much as 50% after an intense workout.

Growth hormone levels also increase when as little as two grams are taken.

Since glutamine is needed for cellular fuel, taking cutting supplements containing glutamine could be needed to reduce the breakdown of muscle tissue and ensure good protein metabolism.

#4. Thermogenics

Thermogenics are cutting supplements that work by turning up the heat inside the body, thereby stimulating the metabolism and causing greater fat burn.

They also work to convince stubborn fat cells to release fat into the bloodstream so that it can be used for energy.

Thermogenic supplements for cutting may contain common ingredients such as caffeine, bitter orange, capsaicin, guarana, or any combination of them.

In many cases, they can be used not only to help burn fat, but also to provide greater energy for a workout.

You can learn more about fat burning products in our weight loss supplements section.

#5. Nitric Oxide Boosters

Nitric oxide controls blood circulation, allowing for greater blood flow to the muscles to help them become larger.

As such, nitric oxide boosters such as l-arginine can be very effective when it comes to building muscle and promoting protein synthesis.

Some research shows that nitric oxide also helps the body burn more fat, making NO boosters one of the most effective cutting supplements on the market.

Aside from L-Arginine, other nitric oxide boosters include arginine ethyl ester, citrulline, and AAKG.

After working hard to build muscle, the last thing you need is to lose it during your cutting phase.

Any of the above supplements for cutting will help you eliminate only unwanted fat, ensuring you maintain your physique as well as your physical strength.

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