One of the mildest anabolic steroids available today, and while it may not be known for producing massive gains like some of the other orals out there, it can provide incredible strength, vascularity, and tightness.

Here, you can learn about the best Anavar cycle for gaining strength, including supplements to pair with it and appropriate post-cycle therapy.

Anavar Only Cycle

Using an oxandrolone cycle with no other supplements is only recommended for those who have never used in the past. This simply allows you to gauge your personal tolerance and response so you can make the required adjustments for your “real” cycle.

Taking it alone for roughly four weeks for your very first Anavar cycle can give you all the information you need, but remember, your testosterone production will be suppressed in even this short amount of time.

For this reason, you should follow your “test” cycle with PCT, as well. This advice is true for both men and women alike, so be sure to consider it before you start stacking with everything from testosterone to Trenbolone.

Keep the dose low, the cycle length short, and be sure to truly gauge your response before you move on to a real cycle.

Stacking Your Cycle

Before you jump right into an Anavar cycle, it is important to keep in mind that while this particular steroid is quite mild, you will always want a testosterone base. It can completely inhibit your body’s own natural testosterone production, and this can wreak havoc on your mood, sex life, appetite, and Physique.

As such, supplementing with testosterone is required. One of the best for pairing is testosterone enanthate, which releases slowly and lasts a long time.

It requires infrequent dosing, and many athletes will divide their weekly doses in half and inject them about three days apart.Anavar Stack

Aromatase Inhibitors

It does not aromatize, or convert to estrogen. Nonetheless, if stacking with a steroid that does such as testosterone, then pairing it with an aromatase inhibitor is always a good idea since Gynecomastia can and often does occur in men who are particularly sensitive to estrogen.

Arimidex is always a great choice since it is readily available, inexpensive, and effective. You should make it a necessary component in your stack to prevent unwanted side effects.

Please be forewarned that many people stack with Primobolan Depot to create the “ultimate” strength stack, and there is a common misconception that the Primobolan behaves like an aromatase inhibitor, but this is not the case.

Primobolan does not aromatize, so there’s no need for an AI if you use it alone, without any other supplements. However, when adding it to a cycle, you will still need an AI to prevent it from aromatizing to estrogen.

Putting it all Together

Now that you have everything you’ll need to complete your Anavar cycle, it’s time to put it all together. Here’s what your 12-week cycle should look like.

  • Weeks 1 – 6: 500mg of testosterone enanthate per week (divided into two-250mg injections) and 0.5mg of Arimidex every other day.
  • Weeks 7 – 10: 500mg of testosterone enanthate per week (divided into two-250mg injections), 50mg of per day, and 0.5mg of Arimidex every other day.
  • Weeks 11 and 12: 50mg of per day.

Preparing for Post Cycle Therapy (PCT)

Before you begin any steroid cycle, you should make sure that you have all of the necessary components for post-cycle therapy on hand. Failing to complete PCT can cause significant side effects and withdrawal-like symptoms.

For this Anavar cycle, your PCT should consist of Clomid at the very least, and perhaps even HGC. After you have completed your Anavar cycle, take 150mg of Clomid each day for two weeks, then two more weeks with Clomid at 100mg per day.

Finally, go one or two more weeks with Clomid at 50mg per day. Although this may seem excessive, the step-down dosage over a longer period of time does a much better job of preventing side effects. Alternatively, you can also use Nolvadex at 40mg per day for four weeks, and then drop it to 20mg for a further two weeks if necessary.Anavar Cycle

Anavar Cycle for Strength without Gains

For most athletes and bodybuilders, strength and lean muscle gains go hand-in-hand. However, if you’re competing, and you simply cannot risk putting on a significant amount of weight, then it is a great choice when it’s paired with the right stack.

A combination with Testosteronet can create some lean gains, but adding in a traditional cutting steroid can help to prevent this, as can altering your calories and your other supplements. The chart below shows an excellent Anavar cycle for adding to your strength without fear of tremendous gains.

TimeframeAnavarTestosteronePrimobolan Depot
Weeks 1-6
Weeks 7-10
Weeks 11-14/16

As you can see, the doses in this strength cycle are quite a bit lower for each individual compound. That’s because you’ll enjoy a significant amount of synergy between each steroid, but because the doses are relatively low, you won’t have to worry about massive gains as long as you aren’t eating much above your maintenance calorie recommendation.

Cycle for Women

Women have a more difficult time creating a cycle that doesn’t lead to gains, namely because their bodies tend to react more favourably to even the tiniest doses.

When women want a pure strength cycle without any gains whatsoever, they will need to be diligent about monitoring their body measurements and making on-the-fly dosage adjustments – which is also important to avoid virilization.

Things are quite a bit different for women who want to cycle for strength. For one, aromatase inhibitors like Arimidex are not necessary since gynecomastia is not a concern.

What’s more, because a woman does not need to boost her body’s natural testosterone production at the end of the cycle, PCT is not necessary. All a woman needs to complete her cycle is 10mg per day for six to eight weeks.

In fact, such an Anavar cycle can promote lean gains in women quite significantly, so women who are only looking for strength may want to try 5mg per day to start. it is one of the best strength-builders out there, and the good news is that it is incredibly mild in nature.

However, like any other chemical introduced into your body, it is important to be responsible with your Anavar cycle and use it responsibly.

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