Anavar and women

Anavar For Women – Too Harsh For Females?

Female athletes and bodybuilders are just as interested in muscle growth, strength, stamina, and overall performance as their male counterparts are. However, many of the anabolic steroids that men use to improve their size and strength are far too harsh for females. 

Anavar for women is certainly an exception as it provides excellent results with very few side effects as long as it is used responsibly. This article discusses the correct dosages to use based on goals, as well as what to look out for in terms of side effects. 

Why Is Anavar for Women so Popular?

Just as testosterone is often referred to as “the perfect steroid” for men, the same can be said of Anavar for women. There is no milder steroid that produces quite the same positive effects all without significant risk for serious health problems. 

Nonetheless, females around the world turn to this steroid when they want to gain lean muscle mass, improve their overall strength, and obtain the hard, vascular look that is so popular in competition bodybuilding. What’s more, despite the fact that it is more expensive than other anabolic steroids, it is widely and readily available in most locations. 

Bodybuilding forums around the web are increasingly touting the benefits of Anavar for women, claiming it’s safer than many common alternatives – including Winstrol and even Primobolan, which was the go-to female steroid for many years.While Primo calls for regular injections, The steroid comes in 10mg tablets that make dosing simple, easy, and virtually error-proof. What’s more, Winstrol is known to cause harsher side effects, even though it doesn’t provide the same high-quality gains in females.

How to Cycle Anavar for Women

Because virilization is a real risk with any anabolic steroid, females should always use the lowest dose that produces effects for the shortest period of time possible. It comes in 10mg tablets, and while most females will benefit from a single tablet per day, some will take two tablets – up to 20mg – divided into two doses about 12 hours apart.

As far as cycle length is concerned, women should aim for a six-week cycles, though many extend their cycles out to eight weeks without any side effects. Women should take breaks between cycles equal to the previous cycle length. For example, those who use an cycle for six weeks should take a six-week break before beginning another course. 

The following chart shows dosages of Anavar for women, along with cycle lengths, based on their individual goals. It’s important to stick to these guidelines to avoid side effects.

This can help when it comes to planning an effective cycle.

GoalDaily DosageCycle Length in Weeks
Up to 10
Up to 8

When dosing, bear in mind that some females can tolerate as much as 40mg daily. This is a very large dose, and no woman should ever use more. At this high dose, the side effects are far more prevalent, as well. Be sure you weigh the benefits against the risks before you take in high doses. Anavar and women

Mitigating Potential Female Side Effects

The probability that a woman will experience any bothersome side effects when used as directed is incredibly low. Nonetheless, virilization, or the development of male characteristics, is always a concern. Very few women will experience it with it, and those who do have been found to be incredibly sensitive to the effects of any exogenous hormone, including estrogen.  

As such, if you are aware of any hormone sensitivity, be sure to run a “test cycle” with Anavar (5mg a day for two weeks) to discern whether virilization will be a problem. If so, simply discontinue use immediately upon noticing the symptoms, and they will fade away. Another method for cycling  may also help prevent side effects.

Some women use burst cycling, which may offer more protection from virilization. They will use for two weeks, take a two-week break, then use again for another two weeks, repeating this process until they have met their goals. Per Bodybuilding forums, women who use the burst-cycle method experience far fewer side effects.

Keep in mind that this will require a lower-than-average dose. For example, For Bulking, try 15mg daily, and for cutting, try 5mg daily. You can always increase the dose slowly if you don’t get the results you expect. Unfortunately, once virilization occurs, it is difficult – if not impossible – to reverse.

There is some evidence to suggest that a drug called dexamethasone, which is an anti-inflammatory corticosteroid, may prevent virilization in women.  However, studies have only looked into prenatal use of this compound for preventing virilization in pregnancies at risk for congenital Adrenal hyperplasia due to a deficiency in 21-hydroxylase. There is no veritable proof that dexamethasone use during a cycle would prevent virilization. Oxandrolone for Women

Is Post-Cycle Therapy Necessary?

For the most part, post-cycle therapy (PCT) is not necessary when it comes to women. PCT is generally designed to help men trigger natural testosterone production upon concluding a course of steroids, but since women only produce testosterone in very small amounts, PCT is not necessary. 

Women who experience side effects upon stopping their cycles may choose to taper their doses down for the last week; oftentimes, this is all it takes to help alleviate any withdrawal symptoms that may occur. HGH is a common stack when it comes to women because it can help improve anabolic processes and facilitate faster gains, thus reducing the dose and cycle length required. If you choose to supplement your Anavar cycle for women with HGH, continue it as PCT, and make sure you continue using it for a period of three to six months to see the best results. 

There’s evidence showing HGH can help you maintain more of your gains post-cycle, too, so for many women, it is a welcome addition. A very low dose of just 1IU each day during and after your cycle can make a tremendous difference in your results, and you will likely feel younger and stronger, too. 

Women who want to burn fat, build muscle, and harden their physiques turn to Anavar for women more than any other anabolic steroid on the market today. When used responsibly at the right doses and for the right length of time, it is possible for women to reap all of the benefits it has to offer without the dangers of virilization.

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