acai berry health benefits

Acai Berry Health Benefits

acai berry health benefitsIn countries like Brazil and even Peru, acai berries are just another fruit to enjoy, much like we consume apples here in North America. However, research in recent years has proven that there are a number of acai berry health benefits. Here are some of the biggest discoveries – and the best reasons to add acai berry supplements to your daily routine.

Improved Cardiovascular Health

Acai berries are good for your heart for much the same reason as red wine. They contain molecules called anthocyanins, which gives them their gorgeous reddish-purple color. Anthocyanins are antioxidants that can protect the heart and the entire Cardiovascular system by warding off blood clots, relaxing the blood vessels, and improving the way blood circulates throughout the body.

Healthy Weight

In a very interesting study from the National Institutes of Aging, a laboratory study on flies returned some peculiar results. Though the scientists were trying to extend the flies’ lifespans despite an unhealthy diet, they found instead that the pulp of the Acai Berry reduced the negative effects of that diet. Studies are ongoing, but many people claim that weight loss is one of the best acai berry Health Benefits.

Younger-Looking Skin

Antioxidants are great for your skin, whether you apply them topically or ingest them. Many skin product manufacturers have begun adding acai oils to their products in lieu of more harmful chemicals, and Brazilian natives have been eating acai berries for centuries to help treat a variety of skin conditions. These include acne, dark spots, and premature aging, just to name a few.

Better Digestion

Better Digestion is one of the lesser-known acai berry health benefits. In fact, many holistic practitioners recommend the acai berry extracts for detoxification purposes. The compounds within the berry can help remove toxins and waste from the Colon, especially when paired with plenty of water and a diet low in fat and sugar. Consuming the whole fruit or acai juice that contains pulp, there’s the added benefit of dietary fiber.

Improved Cellular Health

Anthocyanins do much more than protect the cardiovascular system. They’ve also been shown to help protect each and every cell in the human body. Anthocyanins help to regulate cellular death, which means that cells don’t die prematurely. What’s more, they strengthen the cell walls, protecting them against the invasion of free radicals. Then, the other antioxidants in the acai berry bind to the free radicals, making them harmless.

Stronger Immune System

Perhaps the best of all of the acai berry health benefits is its ability to boost your immune system significantly. Acai contains two substances – vitamin C and ellagic acid – which provide a substantial boost to the immune system. This can keep you from getting sick and even improve your body’s ability to fight off infections like a cold or the flu. What’s more, the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry found that some of the compounds in acai reduced the growth of cancer cells by anywhere from 56% to 86%.

Acai berry health benefits are numerous, and the ones mentioned here only scratch the surface. Acai berries can improve your mental function by boosting your energy and ability to focus, aid in a healthier sex life thanks to improved blood flow, and even fight depression thanks to its ability to improve neurotransmission in the Brain.

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