Health Benefits of Sex

9 Health Benefits of Sex You wouldn’t Believe

Health Benefits of SexBelieve it or not, having some fun between the sheets is about more than just temporary pleasure. In fact, the list of health benefits of sex goes on and on, and there have even been studies to prove that regular sex can keep you healthier, younger, and even stronger.

#1 – Pain Relief

The best painkiller known to man is the almighty orgasm. During climax, both male and female bodies release a chemical called oxytocin, which in turn floods the body with a variety of Endorphins. These are very similar in molecular structure to morphine. Instead of turning down sex due to a headache, give it a go anyway. It might just kill the pain.

#2 – Weight Loss

A decade-long study at the Center for Addiction and Mental Health and York University in Canada showed that oxytocin can also reduce food cravings, acting as a natural Appetite suppressant. Thinking about a late-night snack? Have sex instead. That craving is likely to be long gone. Another study showed that an hour-long lovemaking session burns about 170 calories, which further facilitates weight loss. It’s one of the most helpful health benefits of sex.

#3 – Incontinence Prevention

Studies have also shown that those who have sex regularly throughout their lives are far less likely to develop bladder incontinence later in life. Why? As it turns out, sex strengthens pelvic floor muscles. You can strengthen them on your own, as well, by tightening the muscles you use to stop the flow of urine. Doing this regularly not only prevents incontinence, but it can also increase the intensity of orgasms.

#4 – Decreases the Risk of Heart Attack

A study conducted in the United Kingdom followed several men who were sexually active to different degrees. It found that those who had sex more than twice per week decreased their odds of having a fatal heart attack by 50%. This is one of the most interesting health benefits of sex – it could actually save your life.

#5 – A More Youthful Glow

A clinical neuropsychologist at Royal Edinburgh Hospital by the name of Dr. David Weeks revealed one of the most shocking Health Benefits of sex at a psychology conference in mid-2016. Dr. Weeks studied numerous patients over the course of a decade, and he found that older men and women who remained sexually active (twice or more per week) looked up to seven years younger than their actual ages.

#6 – Stronger Immunity

Sex (and especially orgasm) causes several hormones and enzymes to flood the body. One of these, called DHEA, is being touted as the key to keeping your body healthy well into old age. In fact, clinical research showed that the blood levels of DHEA increase to five times their normal amount for about 45 minutes after an orgasm, which can help build your immune system and keep you healthier.

#7 – Longer Lifespan

An Australian study focused on Longevity as one of the potential health benefits of sex. This study found that people who had an orgasm three times per week were 50% less likely to die of any medical cause than those who only had an orgasm once per month.

#8 – Reduced Menstrual Cramps

Women know that menstrual cramps are nothing to joke about. Sometimes, they’re an annoyance; other times, they’re nearly debilitating. Science has shown that having an orgasm during peak cramp times (usually the first couple of days of your period) can relieve tension in uterine muscles – the very same muscles responsible for causing cramps – better than any pain reliever on the market.

#9 – Less Depression

Sex can help improve the symptoms of Depression in several ways. Pleasing your partner can boost your self-esteem, the serotonin released during sex can make you feel better, and the connections formed during lovemaking can provide a sense of security. These things combined are certainly powerful antidepressants.

The health benefits of sex are truly endless, so whether you want to Lose Weight, feel better about yourself, improve your immune system, or even extend your life, a good roll between the sheets can do all of that and more. Science has proven it time and time again.

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