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8 Types of Exotic Massage You Need to Try

The term exotic massage refers to techniques and principles of massage used in places considered to be “exotic”, such as Hawaii, Brazil, Thailand, China, Japan, and others. Many different countries and cultures have their own unique massage practices that can benefit you. Here, you’ll learn about several different types of exotic massage so you can decide which one to add to your to-do list.

#1 – Lomilomi Massage

Hawaiian exotic massage, known to those who live there as lomilomi, is designed to be energizing and revitalizing. Its main claim to fame is long strokes and delicate stretching. Massage artists will use lots of oil to massage your skin directly for a minimum of two hours, and Hawaiian music is considered a necessity. The goal is to allow you to relax and let go of stress.

Lomilomi relieves tension in the muscles and helps detoxify the body through improved blood flow and lymphatic circulation. It’s a great way to rebalance your physical and mental self.

#2 – Oriental Massage

The Oriental exotic massage is a true vacation from stress. It’s relatively simple in the way it’s done, and it all starts with incredibly fragrant oils like rose petals, Orange flowers, and even cherry blossoms. These are rubbed over your body generously, and then they’re used to massage your back firmly, but gently. The goal here isn’t deep stimulation; rather, it’s to allow you to escape the real world if only for a little while.

Oriental massage’s biggest benefit is aromatherapy, though even the basic massage techniques can have significant improvements on your overall wellbeing. There are no downsides, and because Oriental massage is so gentle, it’s suitable for anyone. Just be sure you have no Allergies to the oils being used on your skin.

#3 – Reiki Massage

Reiki is a non-invasive massage with its roots in Japanese culture, and many clients prefer it because they can remain fully clothed during the session. While the physical interaction is important with reiki exotic massage, there’s also a spiritual component. During the session, the massage therapist assists in working on negative areas of your life energy fields and recharging them with positive energies. Those who provide reiki massage are those who have been attuned to the reiki life force – and to do this, they must receive attunement from a reiki master.

This type of massage is a great choice for those who prefer Eastern medicine to more science-based Western techniques. It’s said to heal the energy pathways that improve your physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing. It’s gentle, and it’s performed over the Clothes without oils, so it’s suitable for anyone.

#4 – Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu also originated in ancient Asia, and it still carries importance today. In fact, it’s been widely practiced worldwide since the early 1970s, and it continues to grow in popularity. Essentially, shiatsu exotic massage focuses on putting pressure on different parts of the body (pressure points called “meridians” in traditional Chinese medicine) with thumbs, hands, elbows, knees, and in some cases, even the feet – it’s not unusual to see someone standing on a client’s back when it comes to shiatsu massage. It also focuses on stretching the limbs and joints.

Shiatsu is beneficial in improving circulation, reducing stress, and even promoting healing. Those who have injuries should discuss them with the person providing the massage beforehand for the best possible results. Shiatsu does involve a lot of pressure, and not everyone finds it enjoyable.

#5 – Kobido Massage

exotic massageKobido is an exotic massage hailing from Japan. It’s an ancient technique that serves to rejuvenate facial skin by improving elasticity. Kobido takes place in phases. First, the therapist will purify your skin. This is done with all-natural antibacterial products. Second, the energizing phase will stimulate the various parts of your face that are known for helping you feel livelier. Last, a series of long, sliding movements will stimulate your lymphatic system, which can help flush toxins out of your facial area.

Kobido is known for its ability to improve your facial skin quality through better circulation, and because it reduces facial tension, it can even prevent wrinkles. You should avoid Kobido if you have any scrapes or cuts on your face, or if you’ve had Botox injections.

#6 – Thai Exotic Massage

The one thing that separates a Thai exotic massage from others is the fact that it’s so thorough. In fact, in Thailand, it’s considered just as important to hygiene as bathing. Thai massage combines principles from several other massage types. For example, there’s stretching much like Yoga and the application of pressure like shiatsu. Between the pressure, the stretching, and the hands-on massaging, the organs are said to benefit from this technique. It’s also said that the body regains its balance after just a few sessions. Learn more about organ massage here.

Thai massage stimulates blood flow and circulation, assists in maintaining flexibility, and relieves stress. However, it’s relatively rough, so it may not be the best option for people who have underlying health conditions – especially those that involve muscles and tendons.

#7 – Swedish Massage

While it’s not technically considered an exotic massage, Swedish massage is by and large one of the most popular options available worldwide. It’s a general-purpose system, which means it takes bits and pieces from many other cultures and combines them into a relaxing experience. It’s based on Western medicine rather than Eastern meridians and energies, and it can vary in intensity from slow and gentle to fast and intense depending on the client’s needs and the therapist’s unique style.

Anyone can enjoy Swedish massage since it’s “generic” in nature, but bear in mind that it is based on deep muscle stimulation and may not be advisable for people who have certain health conditions. Its primary benefits include relaxing muscle tissues, promoting a sense of wellbeing, and according to some studies, perhaps even enhancing your body’s immune system.

#8 – Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage isn’t a new therapy, but it’s one that is only now gaining popularity in many parts of the world. It’s considered a complimentary therapy, and it’s been documented that the Chinese used this procedure thousands of years ago to boost the function of organs like the kidneys, liver, and even the heart. Heated volcanic stones (between 130 and 145 degrees, in most cases) are placed along your spine, on your stomach, on your chest, or along other parts of your body. In some cases, the massage therapist may combine the hot stones with Swedish massage techniques and use the stones to make long strokes or even circular movements on your body.

Hot stone exotic massage is not for people who have skin abrasions or certain types of injuries as heat may make the inflammation worse. Those who benefit most include anyone who has muscle tension and pain caused by stress, insomnia, or even mental stress.

Exotic massage encompasses many therapies from around the world, and the goal is to keep the ideals and beliefs of a certain country, region, or even culture in mind while manipulating the muscles in the body. Those listed here are only a sampling of the various exotic massage types found around the world.

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