health benefits of zinc

8 Health Benefits of Zinc

health benefits of zincZinc is an abundant transitional metal that plays an important role in many processes that occur in your body each day. Adding a zinc supplement to your routine can improve your physical and mental health, especially if you aren’t getting enough from your diet. Here are eight health benefits of zinc that you can start enjoying with your very first supplement dose.

#1 – Increases Immunity

Zinc does many things that can improve your body’s immune system, especially when it comes to fighting a cold or the flu. It interferes with the buildup of mucus, facilitates the production of T-cells responsible for fighting viruses and bacteria, and even reduces inflammation.

#2 – Antioxidant Effects

Zinc is also a powerful antioxidant that helps to fight the effects of damaging free radicals. Zinc supports healthy cell division and prevents the mutation of cells, including cancerous cells. This means that it could stunt the growth of existing tumors and prevent many types of cancer before they start.

#3 – Balances Hormones

Although zinc can’t directly facilitate the production of more testosterone, it certainly can help prevent the conversion of that testosterone into estrogen by blocking an enzyme known as aromatase. It’s also responsible for the formation of eggs within the female ovary and the production of progesterone and estrogen in women.

#4 – Prevents and Improves Diabetes

One of the most powerful Health Benefits of zinc is the mineral’s ability to help balance blood sugar levels by binding to insulin. When it does so, it helps promote adequate storage within the pancreas and facilitates the release of insulin when there is glucose present in the blood.

#5 – Helps the Body Absorb More Nutrients

The body relies on protein synthesis to use the amino acids and break down the carbohydrates in food. People who have zinc deficiencies often have adrenal issues and chronic Fatigue because their bodies cannot properly break down and utilize important nutrients. Taking a zinc supplement can reverse this.

#6 – Assists in the Growth and Repair of Muscles

Because zinc is important for cell division and growth, it benefits muscle repair and growth at the same time. Because zinc also helps maintain more testosterone in the blood and assists in the release of IGF-1 (Insulin-Like Growth Factor 1), it can also support a healthy metabolism and build lean body mass.

#7 – Promotes Digestive Health

People who have zinc deficiencies often report digestive issues, which range from chronic nausea after meals to diarrhea. Studies have shown that zinc can not only cure diarrhea, but that it can also prevent it. It is also useful in preventing diarrhea related to the use of antibiotics.

#8 – Improves Memory and Focus

Finally, one of the most interesting health benefits of zinc is its ability to improve learning, memory, and focus. Science shows that zinc is responsible for communication between neurons in the Brain, particularly in the hippocampal region, where new memories are formed and stored. When neural transmission is improved, people feel more focused and are better able to store and recall information.

The health benefits of zinc are many, but many people are actually deficient in this essential mineral. Eating a diet that is rich in zinc and taking a daily supplement can provide your body with all of the benefits listed above, which will improve not only your physical health, but your mental health, as well.

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