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7 Wellness Spa Getaways You’ll Want to Visit

Wellness SpaIf you go online and look for “wellness spa getaways”, chances are good that you’ll find dozens upon dozens of options. However, in many cases, the best choices are those that are little-known and tucked away in the mountainside. Here are seven lesser-known wellness spas and why you want to visit them.

#1 – Jungle Spa Adventure in Dominica

Nothing is better than an awesome wellness spa except a wellness spa located in the Caribbean. At the Jungle Bay Dominica, you’ll be able to enjoy yoga in the rainforest, hikes around some spectacular waterfalls, and revitalizing spa treatments that will have you feeling brand-new in no time at all.

#2 – Blue Heaven in Boone, North Carolina

The Blue Ridge Mountains offer up some of the most beautiful scenery in the United States, especially in spring when the flowers begin to bloom and in the fall when the leaves change to stunning reds, oranges, browns, and yellows. The best part about the Blue Heaven wellness spa is that it offers up several different packages to suit your unique preferences, whether you are the adventurous type or you’re just looking for an escape.

#3 – Kalani Experience in Big Island, Hawaii

When you want to take your wellness to the next level and enjoy some brand new experiences, the Kalani Experience in Big Island, Hawaii is the perfect choice. You can participate in everything from tai chi and hula classes to “holoholo”, a Hawaiian term which describes the action of going out simply for the pleasure of it.

#4 – Mountain Trek in Tecate, Mexico

Located at the Rancho la Puerta in Tecate, Mexico, the Mountain Trek is a wellness spa unlike any other. Here, you’ll be able to take a guided nature hike or get out on your own for some personal reflection time. The best part is that it’s warm all year in Tecate, so if you need to escape the cold, it’s the perfect place to do so.

#5 – The Bodhi Khaya Retreat in Capetown, South Africa

If you’re ready to put some serious travel time under your belt, the Bodhi Khaya Retreat in Capetown, South Africa offers up gorgeous scenery and a spiritual experience that you have to see for yourself. They offer traditional spa treatments along with Yoga, healthy South African cooking experiences, and even Qigong, which is an ancient Chinese method of combining breathing techniques, focus, and physical postures to produce wellness.

#6 – Shambhala Mountain in Red Feather Lakes, Colorado

Another wellness spa that is relatively close to home, Shambhala Mountain in Red Feather Lakes, Colorado offers up a traditional Retreat and Renewal package that combines everything from meditation and yoga to massage and cleansing. In fact, there’s even a Buddhist sculpture called the Great Stupa, which is said to bring peace and harmony to all of its visitors.

#7 – Harbin Hot Springs in Middletown, California

Hot springs have always drawn visitors for their detoxifying effects, and a weekend at Harbin Hot Springs in Middletown, California is a great way to relax without the crowds. It’s one of the oldest hot springs in the state, and their “no-phone-or-internet” policy means that you’ll have more time to focus on taking care of yourself.

When you’re in need of a wellness spa getaway without the crowds of people and long wait times, any of these seven options can certainly help you Detox, unwind, and reconnect with your inner self, whether you want to travel around the world or stay relatively close to home.

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