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7 Trends in Wellness Travel and Why You Should Consider them for Your Next Vacation

Per surveys conducted by AAA, about 28% of all American families will take three or more trips each year. Often, these trips involve seeing sights, visiting amusement parks, eating at new restaurants, and simply escaping the stress of everyday life. Wellness travel is growing in popularity among adults and families alike. The following seven trends may help you come home feeling brand-new – and with a new outlook on your overall wellness, too.

#1 – More Focus on Men’s Health

These days, spas and resorts aren’t just for women who want to be pampered; men, too, are discovering the rejuvenating effects of massages, facials, manicures, pedicures, and other treatments. As a result, facilities around the world are starting to shy away from the feminization of their products and are instead offering gender-neutral retreats and services designed with either gender in mind.

Where to Go: If your vacation includes a trip to Thailand, Chiva-Som is the perfect retreat. Their focus is on teaching you a healthier way of life you can carry home with you and apply to daily living. Here, you can get tips for weight management, detoxification, fitness and strength, and even complementary medicine. In fact, the staff at Chiva-Som will create a personalized program based on your individual needs.

#2 – Tailored Experiences Based on DNA

Wellness TravelWhen people go on vacation, they do so to get away from the hustle and bustle of work and everyday obligations. Very rarely does anyone ever think that medical testing could provide relaxation, but things have started changing. People seem to take comfort in understanding themselves, and there’s no better way to do that than with DNA. More and more often, spas and retreats are using information derived from DNA samples to create personalized wellness plans. It’s one of the most interesting trends in wellness travel, and it’s one that will likely stick around.

Where to Go: The BodyHoliday BodyScience program in St. Lucia is a Caribbean getaway with an incredibly personal focus. The BodyScience program is one of the most interesting in the world; it helps visitors discover the activities best suited to their body types and even which foods provide the most benefit (and the most risk) based on their very DNA. A trip to BodyHoliday includes pre-visit medical tests at home, including a DNA test, then private fitness sessions, Eastern medicine treatments, specialist consultations, and custom menus prepared to your needs once you arrive.

#3 – Vacations to Quit Smoking

Thanks to the efforts of various health organizations, fewer people smoke now than 10 years ago. Smoking is detrimental to one’s health for a myriad of reasons, and more people than ever want to quit, but can’t seem to do it on their own. As a result, there are retreats and spas centered on helping people nix the habit for good. You’ll find these retreats all over the world.

Where to Go: The Kurotel Anti-Tobacco program, which is located in Brazil, is a seven-day retreat that comes with a medical evaluation and consultation; psychotherapy consultation and assessment; dental and dermatological assesments; spa treatments; spirometry lung function tests; specialized treatments to improve your wellbeing; inhalation treatments for airway clearing; a total of six massages, including three underwater massages; and a variety of herbal medications and Teas while you kick the habit. You’ll also have access to saunas, steam rooms, water spas, and group fitness classes while you’re there.

#4 – The Personal MOT

In the UK (and certain other places around the world) auto owners spend money each year to have their vehicles tested for safety and emissions. The idea behind the wellness travel trend involving the “Personal MOT” involves doing the very same for your body. Full-body MOT vacations are sweeping the globe, and much like DNA-based wellness vacations, they’re focused entirely on your personal needs. These trips include everything from cooking instruction to daily Yoga and reconnecting with nature – all based on your everyday lifestyle.

Where to Go: The Body Camp, which takes place in Ibiza, an island in Spain, retrains your entire body and mind. You’ll spend equal time performing vigorous activities and meditating, and you’ll have plenty of opportunities to swim in the ocean, too. Here, it’s all about checking yourself for safety and determining your overall level of wellness, then making the necessary repairs. The Body Camp also encourages its attendees to set long-term goals, then provides the advice to help meet those goals. This retreat takes place during set times, so it’s important to book ahead as spots fill quickly.

#5 – Cancer Recovery Vacations

Even though modern cancer treatments can and often do save lives, there’s no denying that they ravage the human body and mind in the process. In the past, many spas tended to shy away from treating cancer patients due to the inherent complexities and unique medical needs. Today, though, things have certainly changed. Now you can find spas and vacation spots developed with cancer survivors in mind. These offer a variety of holistic treatments ranging from Massage to Ayurvedic medicine to acupuncture, all of which rejuvenate, refresh, and help undo the damage caused by cancer and its treatment.

Where to Go: Kurotel’s Post-Cancer program is designed just for you using your unique medical history as a guide. You’ll receive a variety of therapies, including medical, nutritional, psychological, and more. It’s all about feeling refreshed and relaxed, and if you’ve recently finished cancer treatment, it’s also about detoxifying from the harmful effects of the chemicals. The best part about the Post-Cancer program is its dedication to teaching patients positivity and how to live a healthy lifestyle.

#6 – Nutrition Education Travel

Not all of wellness travel is focused on a singular experience in a resort or retreat; in some tourist destinations, even small businesses are discovering the importance of health and wellness. Spas and restaurants may offer courses in Nutrition, provide menus filled with healthy, yet scrumptious food choices, and in some cases, they may even teach their clients how to prepare the very same meals at home. It’s a good sign that people are taking their nutrition more seriously.

Where to Go: The Golden Door in Southern California is close to home, but it’s an experience you won’t want to miss. No one on vacation wants to sacrifice delectable foods for their health, and that’s exactly where this spa/restaurant excels. They offer nutrition experts to their clientele who teach ways to nourish the body and mind through healthy eating. Once the guests learn how to choose the right foods, they can then pick their own vegetables from an on-site garden; these will be prepared for their next meal.

#7 – The Farm-to-Table Experience

Last, but most certainly not least, wellness travel is all about new experiences that are healthy for the mind and body. There’s probably nothing more interesting – and amazing – than visiting a restaurant where all the food is grown and raised on site. Importing food isn’t only hard on the environment; it’s also hard on your taste buds. Foods are genetically modified to survive days of travel without bruising or rotting at the sacrifice of freshness and taste. The farm-to-table movement seeks to bring back flavor, nutrition, and freshness in restaurants around the world.

Where to Go: A place in Tennessee called the Blackberry Farm has harnessed the farm-to-table wellness travel experience beautifully. They show their guests their very own farm, including the gardens, the animals, and even the butchery and creamery. Everything this restaurant serves was grown or produced on-site with only a few essentials (such as salt) brought in from other regions. Then, once the tour of the farm is complete, the guests are treated to multi-course meals that give them a sample of all the farm’s many wonders.

Vacationing should be exciting, but it should also allow you to come home feeling rejuvenated, refreshed, and ready to tackle daily life head-on. There’s nothing quite like these wellness travel trends to do just that, and every one of these experiences is sure to stick with you for a lifetime.

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