Uneven Pecs

7 Tips for Improving Uneven Pecs

Uneven PecsAfter working hard to develop firm chest muscles, many men are horrified to discover they have uneven pecs. Having a chest that is bigger on one side than it is the other is actually very common, and there are several things you can do to correct this issue.

#1. Check your Form

An improper form could result in you putting more weight on one side of your body.  Check your form in a mirror or use a spotter to ensure you aren’t inadvertently leaning to one side and that your Barbell is evenly centered across your body. Taking a video of yourself can also help you determine if you are using the right positioning.

#2. Perform more Dumbbell Exercises

Most people have a tendency to lean on their strongest side when performing Pushups or dips. You may also shift more weight to one side when lifting a barbell. Using a dumbbell or cable to perform flies and chest presses will resolve this problem, ensuring both sides receive the same amount of work.

#3. Do Extra Sets on your Smaller Side

If there is a significant amount of difference, you may need to perform more sets on your smaller side. After completing an exercise, drop the weight a bit and perform one or two more sets on the weaker side before moving on to the next exercise.

#4. Increase your Training Volume or Frequency

Uneven pecs often become less noticeable the more muscle mass you have. As such, you may want to increase your training volume or frequency. Rather than performing only three chest Exercises, do five or six. Instead of working your pecs only twice a week, do three chest workouts in that timeframe.

#5. Improve your posture

Bad posture can make uneven pecs more obvious. Dr. Mallika Marshall claims that good posture is also needed for muscles, joints, and ligaments to work properly. This means that in many cases, performing Yoga or core strengthening exercises could be what is needed to correct the imbalance.

#6. Try the McGill bench press

Named for Dr. Stuart McGill, this type of bench press is performed with only half of your torso on the bench and the other hanging off. While lying in this position, you will perform a one-arm dumbbell press on the side that is off the Bench. During a McGill bench press, the unsupported side must work harder to maintain its balance, which is one reason it is effective at eliminating uneven pecs.

#7. Perform Exercises One Arm at a Time

Many people find that performing exercises on only one arm at a time ensures better form, while also helping them to concentrate on their movements and provide greater work for the muscles.

Uneven pecs are sometimes due to factors outside your control such as Genetics. For this reason, you should have reasonable expectations and not become overly concerned about minor differences between your left and right sides. Follow the above tips to modify what you can, and then learn to live with what you cannot change.

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