Bigger Shoulders

7 Tips for Bigger Shoulders

Bigger ShouldersThe shoulders are one muscle group that many people have trouble developing, which is why you should keep these seven tips in mind when working out. Doing so will allow you to develop a more three dimensional profile, and enhance the popular V body shape.

#1. Always Use Proper Form

Building bigger Shoulders is especially difficult if your form is not impeccable. Learn to do each exercise properly, then make it a habit to continuously watch your form when in the Gym. Never perform extra reps when you are tired-you’ll only increase your risk of a shoulder injury without getting much benefit in return.

#2. Perform Lots of Reps During an Exercise Session

IFBB pro bodybuilder Steve Kuclo regularly performs up to 300 reps in each shoulder workout, something he claims has helped him tremendously when it comes to building bigger shoulders. His sets for shoulders are never under 12 reps, and many involve as many as 15 to 20 reps per set.

#3. Change your Angle

One thing that makes it easier for Kuclo to perform so many reps is the fact that he often switches up his angle in order to better target different deltoid heads. For example, he may perform a set of hammer strength Exercises facing forward, then turn and face backwards during the next set. Placing a bit of foam against the seat back will change the angle somewhat as well.

#4. Focus on the Exercise

Concentrating on the muscle you are working on not only helps with form-it also forces it to work a bit harder. Focusing on your muscle also causes you to use muscle and not momentum when performing certain lifting Exercises such as seated dumbbell laterals.

#5. Change your Routine Occasionally

Varying your routine from time to time will help you stay motivated to build bigger shoulders, while also ensuring you develop that entire muscle group. You may sometimes perform sitting exercises while standing up or do certain ones seated rather than on an incline Bench. Switch up the way in which you develop your trapezius muscles by working them along with your back rather than with your deltoids on occasion.

#6. Choose the Appropriate Sized Weight

When developing the shoulders, you should Challenge yourself to lift heavy weights whenever possible. Your weights should be heavy enough that performing 12 to 15 reps of any given exercise is challenging, yet not light enough that you use momentum and wind up swinging them.

#7. Work out With a Partner

Working Out with a partner will provide you with less downtime whenever you are adding or removing plates. Not only that, but you can have your partner help you perform one or two “forced reps” at the end of your routine to ensure you get as much work in as possible.

Developing bigger shoulders requires a conscious effort if you are to reach your Bodybuilding goals. Incorporate these tips into your workout strategy, and you are more likely to become pleased with what you accomplish.

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