Benefits of Mangosteen

7 Surprising Benefits of Mangosteen

Benefits of MangosteenMangosteen is a fruit that grows on a tree indigenous to Southeastern Asian countries like Burma, India, and Thailand. It’s shipped to grocers and markets worldwide because it tastes delicious and offers a host of vitamins and nutrients. Aside from its taste and nutritional value, there are other benefits of mangosteen that may surprise you.

#1 – It Suppresses Your Appetite

Mangosteen not only tastes great, but studies have proven that it also helps suppress the Appetite by ramping up your body’s stores of glycogen. Glycogen is a source of energy that your body uses when blood sugar levels decrease. When there’s not enough, your Brain tells your body that you’re hungry, which causes you to eat. Mangosteen raises glycogen levels significantly, which means your brain doesn’t send as many of these signals. As a result, you can eat fewer calories and still feel satisfied.

#2 – It Helps Your Body Burn Fat

There is also some research to suggest that Mangosteen promotes and even boosts the process of lipolysis. This is the process via which certain enzymes in your bloodstream “attack” adipose tissue, causing it to release stored fat into the bloodstream for processing or excretion. The more your body does this, the more body fat you lose over time.

#3 – It Protects Your Heart

Clinical trials out of China have shown that patients who take mangosteen regularly over time are at a reduced risk of heart problems, including myocardial infarction and heart attack, when compared to individuals who do not use mangosteen. What’s more, people who took mangosteen but still had a heart attack or infarction displayed far less damage to their heart muscles than those who did not take mangosteen.

#4 – It Could Prevent Cancer

Mangosteen is packed with xanthones, which are very powerful antioxidants. These intercept damage-causing free radicals in the body and safely escort them out. Numerous studies have shown that xanthones can reduce your risk of certain types of cancers, including Colon cancer, liver cancer, and even leukemia. Of all of the benefits of mangosteen, this is the one that is studied most often.

#5 – It’s Antibacterial, Antiviral, and Antifungal

Mangosteen has natural antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal properties, which means it can help your immune system fight off a variety of infections and keep you healthier. This is one of the benefits of mangosteen that make it so popular as a supplement.

#6 – It Helps with Menstrual Issues

People have used mangosteen in Eastern medicine for centuries to help treat problems related to menstruation. It can help regulate menstrual cycles and it is effective in treating cramps. In fact, there is some research to suggest that consuming mangosteen regularly can even improve fertility in both men and women.

#7 – It’s a Natural Anti-Inflammatory

Finally, the anti-inflammatory benefits of mangosteen can help you feel better in several different ways. First, it reduces swelling in joints and muscles, which can relieve pain. Second, this anti-inflammatory action works on your blood vessels, too, which can allow for better nutrient and oxygen delivery to muscles or organs. Finally, mangosteen can reduce inflammation in your digestive tract, allowing for more regular bowel movements. This can reduce bloating and improve immunity.

As you can see, the benefits of mangosteen are numerous. It comes as no real surprise that people in Eastern countries have come to rely upon this delicious fruit as a type of medicine. Although it’s often difficult to find the actual fruit, you can find mangosteen supplements in a variety of online shops.

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