DIY Gym Equipment

7 DIY Gym Equipment Ideas

DIY Gym EquipmentMany people believe you can’t get in shape unless you spend lots of money on equipment or a gym membership.

The truth is that DIY gym equipment is easy and inexpensive to make, allowing you to work out where and when you please.

Here are 7 ideas you may want to try.

#1. Hand Weights

Just because you don’t have dumbbells doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy weight Training.

Use water bottles or fill any plastic jug with water, and you automatically have your own set of dumbbells.

As you become stronger, use bigger bottles or gradually replace some of the water with sand.

#2.  Slosh Pipe

Cut a five to seven-foot piece of 2” PVC pipe, then fill it 2/3 full with water before capping the ends.

You can then use this pipe to perform some common Exercises such as the clean and press or squats.

A slosh pipe will help you improve your balance, while also forcing you to engage your core.

#3. Paralettes

Paralettes are miniature versions of the parallel bars used in gymnastics.

This is one of the easiest pieces of DIY gym equipment to construct, as all that is required is some PVC pipe, Elbow joints, and glue.

With paralettes, you can perform strength-training exercises such as pushups, v-sits, and triceps dips.

#4. Tractor Tire

All that’s required with this piece of DIY Gym equipment is to find a used tractor tire that you can often obtain for free.

You’ll get a great workout just from flipping this tire, but can also use it to do sit-ups by hooking your toes underneath the lip.

To build strength, practice the farmer’s carry, which involves standing inside the tire, lifting it up around your body, and then walking a predetermined distance.

#5. Bulgarian Sandbag

This DIY gym equipment requires only an inner tube, some sand, and a couple zip ties.

Cut the inner tube in half, tie off one end about 4-6 inches from the top to be used as a handle.

Trim the other end for comfort so it forms the letter “U”, fill with sand and tie off the other end with a 4-6 inch handle.

You can use it for cleans, carries, lunges, and a number of other strongman Exercises.

#6. Plyometric Box/Aerobic Step

Plyometric boxes only require making a wooden box that is around 14” in diameter for beginners or 18” for more advanced athletes.

Make your box slightly wider and you have the perfect aerobic step.

You can use a box or step in nearly any type of cardio or strength training workout in order to add intensity.

#7. Medicine Ball

Cut two slits in the top of a basketball to create a triangular flap.

Place a small funnel in the flap, then fill the basketball with sand.

Use a tire patch kit to seal the hole.

Include this medicine ball in your cardio workout, or use it to perform such exercises as a single-leg squat or lunge with twist.

You may even throw it against your tractor tire to condition your arms and Shoulders.

You don’t need a lot of fancy machines or a great deal of money to get in shape.

There is lots of DIY gym equipment that is easy to make, yet will provide you with some amazing results.

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