7 Bodybuilding Tips to Maximize Your Results in the Gym

Anybody who is into bodybuilding is looking for an extra edge that will make their workouts more effective.

Here are seven bodybuilding tips that will help you improve your overall level of fitness and the production you get from your muscle-building workouts.

1: Eat Slow-Digesting Carbs Early in the Day

Your body needs high insulin levels to maximize your workout, and you can accomplish that by eating carbs that will burn through your digestive tract more slowly. This includes food like whole grain bread, oatmeal, and fruit. Try to shoot for 40 grams of slow-digesting carbs before a workout.

2: Cut Down on Fats before a Workout

High fat meals decrease the flow of nitric oxide to your muscles, which means you will have less energy and your body won’t be able to rebuild muscle fibers as quickly. While high-fat meals aren’t something you need to cut out entirely, you should avoid eating them in a four-hour window before your workout.

3: Don’t Shy Away from Caffeine

Believe it or not, Caffeine can help you maximize your workout results. Studies show that getting 200 to 400 milligrams of caffeine an hour or two before a workout can improve muscle performance. Do note, though, that caffeine from supplements works better than caffeine from sources like coffee.

4: Add Some Cocoa to your Shakes

Research demonstrates that two teaspoons of cocoa can help boost the body’s usage of nitric oxide, which will provide you with healthier muscles and more stamina. Adding a little bit of cocoa powder to your Protein shakes before a workout can pay big dividends.

5: Don’t Train to Failure Every Set

Many people train to failure – that is, they continue doing reps until they can’t do them anymore. However, it turns out that it’s better to focus on doing a set of reps near your upper limit but to stop before you reach that failure point. Training to failure reduces the amount of muscle you build and hurts recovery time.

6: Listen to Music

Music has a profound effect on both the mind and the body. On average, a person who is listening to music during a workout can complete one to two more reps per set than somebody who is not. Pick your favorite workout songs and make sure to bring your iPod or mp3 player with you to the gym.

7: End with a Push

You will get much more out of your workout if you end with forced reps on your last set. This means using a spotter who helps push you through difficult spots. If you can shoot for two to three extra forced reps at the end of your workout, you’ll find yourself coming away with more confidence and better muscle health.

The Bodybuilding tips above are very simple but also provide great effect when it comes to making sure that you get the most out of your workout. They require only a little extra effort and attention to your diet, but they pay big dividends by the time your routine is finished.

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