Bodybuilding Competition

7 Bodybuilding Competition Tips to Keep in Mind

Bodybuilding CompetitionYou’ve trained for months and busted you butt to compete in a bodybuilding competition, and now the big day has finally arrived. Whether it is your first event or your last, you need every leg up on your competition that you can get. Here are 7 bodybuilding competition tips to keep in mind when preparing for your big day.

Get to Know Your Judges

Bodybuilding is a subjective sport. Judges have the power to determine whether or not you Walk off the stage victorious or dwell in the shadows of others. To increase your odds, research who your judges are, how they’ve voted in the past and what certain techniques they favor. While it won’t guarantee you a victory, knowing how your judges will react can greatly help your performance.

Pack Your Own Food

Don’t jeopardize all your hard work on the big day and forget to bring your own food. Instead. pack a few extra meals and then a few more, because the worst thing that can happen is you go hungry and have to succumb to the sodium rich food around you. A little preparation can save you from a disaster.

Get a Good Tan

Remember to score yourself a tan well before Competition day. Make sure the tan is ample and equal, so that no odd tan lines or marks are showing. Your body is a temple and must look pristine for when your Competition finally arrives. Get a tan a few days before the competition so you can make any adjustments you need to without rushing.

Hire a Pre-Contest Coach

When you’re entering the ring of bodybuilding competitions, its best to have a pre-contest coach by your side helping you through. Learn to listen to no one but your coach’s voice. You will find yourself more focused, more energized and more prepared for success.


Despite being an obvious one, some forget the most important bodybuilding competition tip: practice. Practice in the mirror before going to bed, when brushing your teeth in the morning and when commuting to the competition. You need to keep your mind completely focused a good 24 hours or more before competition time.

Be Aware of the Time

You’ve packed extra food, practiced all week and listened to your coach, but oh no, you missed your timeslot because you failed to check the time. Don’t end up as the Butt of joke and make sure you keep a firm eye on the clock. Bodybuilding competitions are chaotic and often distract competitors, so keep in contact with your coach and stay close to the stage to ensure your on time.


Don’t forget why you worked so hard to sculpt your body to perfection. You worked for this moment. This competition. And you’ve finally made it to the big day, so relax and enjoy yourself. It’s time to for the fun, so put on smile and show them what you got.

These are just a few helpful tips for your bodybuilding competition. Events can feel hectic and Nerve racking, but they are amazing opportunities to compete, meet like-minded people and enjoy your sport. Don’t forget to make your hotel reservations and good luck!

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