Mangosteen Juice

5 Reasons to Drink Mangosteen Juice

Mangosteens, sometimes called the “Queen of Fruits”, offer up a variety of amazing health benefits that you have to feel to believe. The best part is that unlike other superfoods that are hit-and-miss in terms of flavor, mangosteen is absolutely delicious whether eaten whole or juiced. Here are five reasons why mangosteen juice should be a part of your balanced and healthy diet.

#1 – It Tastes Great

If there’s one thing that will draw someone to a particular food or drink over and over again, it’s the way it tastes. We have evolved to enjoy things that taste great, and that’s one of the many reasons why you should indulge in Mangosteen juice. It tastes creamy with hints of Strawberry, peach, and vanilla flavors. It’s very mild, as well, so it is never overpowering – even if you consume it alongside a light lunch.

#2 – It’s an Alternative to Calorie-Laden Sweets

When you’re feeling the need to nosh on something sweet, how often do you turn to a slice of pie, a piece of cake, a cookie, or even a donut? Mangosteen juice offers a much healthier way to curb those cravings. When you drink a glass of juice, you can satisfy your need for something sweet without the calories in those decadent desserts. It’s all part of a healthier lifestyle.

#3 – It’ll Curb Your Appetite

Aside from tasting great and being the perfect alternative to calorie-laden sweet treats, mangosteen juice also has the ability to curb your Appetite. It floods your body with glycogen, which essentially shuts down the hunger signals sent from your Brain. In fact, this is the primary reason why so many Mangosteen supplements and products can help you lose weight.

#4 – It can Help Your Body Burn Fat

There is also some evidence and research to suggest that mangosteen improves your body’s ability to burn existing fat stores. Your brain calls for the release of certain lipoproteins, which are responsible for telling fat cells to release their stores. It is believed that certain compounds within the mangosteen fruit can help flood your body with those lipoproteins, effectively speeding up the rate at which your body releases and later burns your fat stores.

#5 – It Protects Your Health

Mangosteen JuiceMangosteen juice is a concentrated source of xanthones, which are powerful antioxidants that benefit your body in a number of ways. First, they intercept free radicals which can interfere with and alter DNA at the cellular level, leading to several types of cancers. Next, these antioxidants can improve your body’s immunity to everything from the common cold to the flu virus. Finally, mangosteen can even help provide cardiac support. Studies out of China suggest that the fruit not only prevents heart attack, but that it may even lessen the damage caused by cardiac events. This is why there are Mangosteen extract products on the market.

As you can see, there are plenty of very good reasons to drink mangosteen juice regularly. It tastes great, and it can satisfy your cravings for something sweet with fewer calories than other sugary snacks. It’s also incredibly healthy for many reasons, and it comes packed with Vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that your body needs to remain healthy and strong.

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