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5 Goblet Squat Benefits and Why You Should Do Them

Goblet squats are an excellent leg exercise that have been gaining popularity in recent years.

You may have seen this movement being done in your local gym and wondered if it’s something you should add to your routine.

Below are five goblet squat benefits and why yes, you should be doing them.

Goblet Squats are Easy to Learn

Of all the goblet Squat benefits, probably the biggest one is that they’re so easy to learn.

Unlike barbell squat variations which can take weeks to build proper muscle memory and may even need the supervision of a qualified Trainer to make sure you’re doing them properly, most lifters can get goblet squats right from the very beginning.

This then leads into the next benefit.

Form Is Almost Perfect from the Very Beginning

Goblet squats are unique in that they almost “force” you into near perfect form from the very beginning.

There’s no needing to learn how to keep your knees from bowing, to arch your back, to keep your head up, to sit “back” with your hips, or anything else.

For the most part, as long as you pick up a dumbbell or Kettlebell, hold it front of you, brace your core, and squat straight down, you’re pretty much going to be doing it correctly.

A large reason for this is since you’re holding the dumbbell or kettlebell in front of your chest, your torso is put into proper alignment, the weight is near your center line, and you’re able to squat deeply without worrying about running into flexibility or range of motion issues.

You can Get a lot Stronger a lot Faster

Because other squat variations do take so long to learn and perfect, it can take a while before a lifter can feel comfortable increasing the weight.

However, because goblet squat form are easily learned, you can concentrate on getting stronger much earlier in your training journey.

Improve Hip Mobility

One of the often overlooked goblet squat benefits is that it can radically help improve your hip mobility.

Because you’re not only getting into the fully squatted position, but you have additional weight forcing you down even further, you’re able to stretch the hips more then normal.

Even better, because you’re squatting so deep, you’re being required to produce force at the furthest end of your range of motion.

True mobility and flexibility isn’t necessarily about how far you can stretch a muscle, but what you can do with it when it’s fully stretched.

The mobility goblet squats help you build then becomes performance you can use in everyday life.

Become more Explosive

Another of the often overlooked goblet squat benefits is that it’s an excellent movement for athletes.

Because you’re having to produce the force at an extended range of motion just discussed, this means you have a longer movement pattern.

When you have a longer movement pattern, this means you can build up more body momentum and increase how hard your leg muscles contract.

When you can increase how hard your leg muscles contract, as well as start the movement pattern itself with a hard muscular contraction, you generate more force.

Generating more force leads to more speed, and this then makes you more explosive. This makes goblet squats pretty much ideal for most athletes.

Barbell squats and leg press might be the popular lower body exercises, but the goblet squat benefits above demonstrate why they should be a part of your program.

They’re easy to learn, you’ll get technique virtually perfect without trying too hard, and they improve your mobility.

This plus the fact that you can get strong with them fairly quickly means building more explosive legs, and that’s just better in everyday life.

Regardless of your goals, goblet squats really should be a part of your routine.

Also try using a squat max calculator when performing weighted exercise.

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