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3 Wearable Health Tech Items that are More than Hype

wearable health techPeople are becoming more health conscious than ever, and are relying on the latest technology to help them maintain their vitality. A number of wearable health tech items now make it easier than ever to stay in good health, and here are three up-and-coming gadgets that could revolutionize the way you care for yourself.

#1. QuardioCore Heart Monitor

Monitoring your heart rate for fitness tracking and to keep track of your general health is easy, thanks to the latest in wearable health tech from QuardioCore. This device is basically a chest strap with medical-grade sensors that measure a number of vital statistics such as your heart rate, respiratory rate, and heart rate variability. This information can then be shared with your physician or personal Trainer via a free app that may be downloaded onto an Apple device. One of the biggest advantages to QuadioCore is that it contains no patches or wires, and can therefore be worn very discreetly.

#2. Moto HW Sleep Apnea Watch

The National Sleep Foundation estimates that more than 18 million people within the United States have sleep apnea. This potentially dangerous condition can make people more susceptible to diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, and a host of other medical problems. In the past, those diagnosed with sleep apnea were forced to wear a CPAP mask while snoozing – something that many people find very uncomfortable. The introduction of the Negoia Motio HW watch means that many sleep apnea patients could be able to reduce or eliminate their use of these masks.

The Motio HW watch is one of the latest wearable health tech gadgets to utilize artificial intelligence. The watch monitors your sleeping patterns in order to learn more about you. This data is then collected and transmitted to an app, where it can be used to help regulate your breathing and sleeping patterns.

#3. Upright Go

Many back problems are caused by poor alignment, yet posture is something people rarely ever think about. The Upright Go is one wearable health tech item that aims to change all that. This device attaches to your back, and uses built-in sensors to detect how you are sitting or standing. It then sends vibrations to “warn” you whenever you are not using good posture. The makers of Upright Go believe that wearing this device could prevent a host of back problems in addition to alleviating muscle aches. It might even help you better strengthen your core and back muscles to increase your fitness level.

Upright Go contains built-in Bluetooth technology, allowing you to wirelessly connect with your smart phone. Its app will also collect data and help you determine if your posture is improving or worsening over time.

These new wearable health tech items are on the cutting-edge of technology, and allow for real-time results without the need for extensive medical testing. Items such as these may easily become the new normal as more and more people begin to realize the benefits that come from wearing these types of devices.

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