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11 Zen Home Décor Tips to Keep You Centered

Zen home décorZen is a form of Buddhism in which individuals practice and embrace the value of intuition and meditation. It’s said to help bring self-awareness, which can help improve your wellbeing significantly. Meditation isn’t the only way to stay centered, though; these 11 Zen home décor tips will help you create a sanctuary in which you can get in touch with your inner self.

#1 – Declutter Your Surroundings

It’s said that your environment has the most significant impact on your sense of self and wellbeing. With that in mind, if you spend time in a cluttered room, you’re likely to experience a cluttered mind. Part of creating a Zen home décor scheme involves removing clutter. Try going through one room each week and boxing up the things that don’t bring you a sense of joy. Then, put these items in the basement, attic, or storage shed, and if you don’t miss them in 30 days, donate them.

#2 – Choose Warm, Neutral Shades

When you think of neutral shades, you may think of things like navy blue, brown, or even white. One of the best ways to impart some Zen home décor involves choosing shades that are not only neutral, but also warm. These colors should appear to be sun-kissed or perhaps slightly burnt; they subconsciously bring peace of mind and comfort.

#3 – Choose the Right Houseplants

Plants are both aesthetically pleasing and good for your health. They can absorb impurities in the air inside your home and release clean, fresh oxygen. Some of the best choices that flow with Zen home décor are ferns, ivies, and rubber plants, which act as filters for chemicals like xylene, toluene, and formaldehyde.

#4 – Open the Drapes

While technology allows lighting manufacturers to closely mimic the look and feel of sunlight, your subconscious mind knows the difference. Rather than relying on electric lighting, try opening the drapes in the morning while the sun is rising. Another option is to purchase sheer curtains that will provide you with privacy during the nighttime hours, but still allow sunlight during the day.

#5 – Change your Light Bulbs

Artificial lighting is necessary during the evening hours, but there’s evidence to suggest that these lights may be impacting your sleep. Certain types of bulbs, such as halogen bulbs, emit a blue light that interacts with your body’s melatonin production. Swap these out for white-light producing LEDs, and you’ll feel more at ease each night at bedtime.

#6 – Hide Your Electronics

Studies have shown that electronic devices interrupt your body’s melatonin production even more than artificial light bulbs. These devices emit short-wave light that simulates daylight. The longer you expose yourself to these devices – especially before bedtime – the harder it will be to fall asleep. Hide your televisions behind cabinets when you aren’t watching them; a space seemingly devoid of electronics is surprisingly relaxing. To feel rejuvenated in the morning, avoid all screens for an hour or two before attempting to fall asleep.

#7 – Create Comforting Sounds

Rather than the drone of a television set in the background, choose natural sounds to accompany your new Zen home décor. Many companies manufacture machines that produce a variety of sounds, including everything from chirping crickets and even thunderstorms.

#8 – Add a Water Feature

Water plays an important role in creating a Zen environment. You could find an indoor fountain that simulates the look and feel of a stream trickling over rocks, or you could invest in an aquarium filled with fish of all types. The sound of moving water can aid in Meditation, as well.

#9 – Create a Room with a View

One of the best ways to improve the quality of your Zen home décor is to bring the outdoors inside through a large window. Whether it’s your living room or bedroom, consider planting a lush garden with flowers that bloom throughout the year. Then, create a seating area near the window that encourages you and your guests to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

#10 – Choose Clean Lines and Natural Materials

Just as decluttering your space can declutter your mind, choosing Zen home décor with clean, straight lines can have the same effect. For example, you might choose stone sinks cut in a square shape for your bathroom, or even replace the oblong rug in your living room with an alternative that offers a straight edge.

#11 – Opt for Symmetry

Finally, when it comes to Zen home décor, it’s important to opt for symmetry. For example, if you choose to place a rubber plant in one corner, you might consider placing one in the opposite corner, as well. This creates a sense of visual harmony, which can help relax and center your mind, as well.

Zen home décor is all about creating an area that offers peace, tranquility, and comfort. By following the tips shown here, and by improving the way you experience your environment through all your senses, you’ll be able to go from restless nights and an anxious mind to a feeling of centeredness and contentment.

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