Squat Motivation

11 Squat Motivation Tips for Leg Day

Squat MotivationSquats are one of the most effective exercises, but they are also the one people most often dread. If this sounds familiar, these 11 squat motivation tips will help keep you going.

#1. Do them Anyway

If you wait until you are motivated to do squats, you might never perform them. As such, one of the simplest squat Motivation tips we can think of is to make yourself complete them even when you really do not want to. Include them in your workout first so you will be less tempted to skip squats once you’re tired. Heavy compound exercises should always be performed earlier on in workout sessions anyway. For both safety and performance, always use a max rep or max squat calculator before performing any weight assisted exercise.

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#2. Set Goals for Yourself

Whether you wish to perform more repetitions or add more weight, having a goal you can work towards is one of the best ways to ensure you stay motivated. Slowly chip away at those goals even if it only involves adding a few ounces to the weight, or one or two more reps each session.

#3. Choose a Variation you Enjoy

Many women do not enjoy doing squats with a Barbell on their back. If you find this uncomfortable, switch to holding a dumbbell in each hand instead, and you’ll be less tempted to skip doing squats. You can also perform deep squats holding a Kettlebell in fron of you, while standing elevated on a couple of stepping platforms.

#4. Work out with a Friend

Working Out with a buddy is one of the best ways to stay motivated, as you can encourage each other to keep going when you might otherwise feel like quitting. A workout partner can actually be helpful during any type of workout, not just Legs, and also assist with forced reps.

#5. Keep a Picture of What you Want to Look Like

Find a picture of someone who looks the way you would like to, then place that photograph in a place where you can view it often. This photograph will remind you of your reason for getting into better shape in the first place.

#6. Switch up your Routine

It can be difficult to stay motivated if you are bored with your routine. Switch up the order of your exercises, try high weight/low repetition squats, or use resistance bands or a kettle ball instead of a barbell or dumbbells.

#7. Count Backwards

Rather than starting with one and counting up, begin with the number ten or twelve and count backwards. This will improve your squat Motivation because it is far more encouraging to know you only have a few more left to do.

#8. Learn to do Squats Correctly

Incorrect form or the improper use of a Smith machine could result in injury that could impact how you feel about squats from then on. Learn to do squats safely and correctly, and you will be less prone to avoiding them out of a fear of injury.

#9. Write Down the Daily Benefits

Doing squats will make everyday activities such as climbing stairs much easier. Any time you notice the benefits, write them down so that you can refer to them whenever you feel like skipping squats.

#10. Listen to Music

According to a study from Ohio State University, music enhances mental performance during exercise. For best results, select a playlist of songs that have between 120 and 140 beats per minute.

#11. Watch an Inspirational Video

You can obtain a great deal of squat motivation from watching an inspirational Bodybuilding video just before hitting the Gym.

After using these squat motivation tips to get you motivated, the results you notice from doing squats will likely be enough to keep you going over the long term.

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