Andriol Side Effects

Andriol, or Testosterone Undecanoate, is a very popular form of testosterone generally prescribed to men as a form of hormone replacement therapy, or HRT.

More recently, it has become the go-to treatment for transgender individuals transitioning from a female to male physique.

Though it is also commonly used for performance enhancement in doses much larger than traditional HRT, this can create some unwanted Andriol side effects. 

What Is Andriol?

Andriol is a form of testosterone that is commonly prescribed for hormone replacement therapy in men.

It comes in a variety of forms to make delivery safe and convenient, as well.

For example, Andriol Testocaps are likely the most common form; these capsules make dosing easy and safe.

Andriol also comes in injections, patches, roll-on creams, and physicians can insert slow-release pellets just under a patient’s skin for a more convenient means of HRT.

Dosages vary based on the method of delivery, and doctors will often direct patients on how to use it when writing the prescription.

Andriol and Performance Enhancement

While Andriol is very popular for HRT, it is growing more popular in the athletic and Bodybuilding world, too.

Most people who use it do so to help keep their testosterone levels up during a steroid cycle.

It is very mild when compared to other forms of testosterone like the enanthate and propionate esters, but it can keep low testosterone-related side effects at bay.

Otherwise, for some men, Andriol does provide a significant increase in strength and stamina, which allows them to push their workouts to the limits.

Allergies to Andriol

Andriol is simply testosterone, and Allergies to testosterone are incredibly rare. However, it is possible for individuals to develop allergies to inactive ingredients in any form of Andriol, including oral, injectable, and topical.

Symptoms of an allergic reaction can be mild to severe. Most people who experience an allergy will develop a noticeable rash that goes away once they stop using the medication. Hives may also occur, though they are rarely severe.

A very severe allergic reaction to Andriol is anaphylaxis, and it is marked by a sudden drop in blood pressure, large hives covering most of the body, and swelling, particularly in the face, mouth, tongue, and throat.

Anaphylaxis can be life threatening, so if you experience any of these side effects, you should stop using Andriol at once and seek immediate medical attention.

Andriol Side Effects

Though Andriol Testocaps side effects may be noticeable for some at even therapeutic levels, this is typically not a concern since patients are being monitored by their physicians.

However, when this product is used in Sports or bodybuilding, doses can skyrocket, and this creates a significant risk for potentially severe side effects. In some cases, those effects can be irreversible, especially in women.

Andriol Side Effects in Men

  • Infertility
  • Gynecomastia
  • Testicular atrophy
  • Libido changes
  • Hair loss
  • Mood changes
  • Oily skin and/or acne
  • Gastrointestinal issues

Andriol Side Effects in Women

  • Infertility
  • Abnormal or absent menstrual cycles
  • Hair growth on face and body
  • Male pattern baldness
  • Virilization (deepening voice, smaller breasts, and enlarged clitoris)

Aromatization and Related Testosterone Undecanoate Side Effects

Andriol Side EffectsAndriol was designed to be given in therapeutic doses, which means there are only a handful of concerning testosterone replacement side effects.

For example, aromatization is not an issue when it comes to HRT since doctors prescribe only the amount of testosterone the body can use.

There is no testosterone left over to aromatize, and therefore Estrogen levels will not continue to climb.

However, when Andriol is used in larger doses for bodybuilding or athletic performance, things change.

In such large doses, not all the testosterone can bind to receptors, and this leaves plenty left over as “free” testosterone.

It is this free, unbound testosterone that interacts with the aromatase enzyme and eventually turns into estrogen.

Though very rare with Andriol since this steroid aromatizes very slowly when compared to other testosterone esters, men who are especially sensitive to the effects of estrogen should consider the possibility of weight gain, mood changes, and even Gynecomastia.

Using Proper Doses to Avoid Andriol Side Effects

By far, the best way to avoid unwanted Andriol side effects involves using the proper doses according to guidelines. Once again, the doses you will need for performance enhancement will be significantly more than therapeutic Andriol doses, which increases the risk for side effects.

The chart below shows the recommended dose of Andriol for performance enhancement based upon your experience level and reason for use.

Reason for UseMin Daily DoseMax Daily Dose
Strength and Stamina
On-Cycle Test Base

Another important consideration when it comes to avoiding Andriol Testocaps side effects is your cycle length.

It should be your goal to use the lowest effective dose for the shortest period possible, and you should shorten the length of your cycle based upon your dose.

As an example, if you use Andriol at 240mg per day as a testosterone base, you can use it for up to 16 weeks safely. If you push the dose to 500mg daily for performance enhancement and bulking, you should shorten your cycle length to 12 weeks, instead.

Andriol Considerations

The Andriol information provided here will go a long way in helping you get the most out of your cycles, regardless of your goals.

However, there are some other considerations you should keep in mind when deciding whether an Andriol cycle is the right choice for you.

Andriol is not a popular choice for adding bulk. Andriol is quite mild and does very little when it comes to adding bulk, so for this reason, it is best for anyone (other than beginners) to use a different steroid for adding mass.

Beginners may have some luck with Andriol and bulking, however, so it is a great starting point for anyone new to anabolic steroids and performance enhancement.

Women should not use Andriol. Though testosterone is just as important in the female body as the male body, Andriol provides a dose far too high for safe use. Even medical professionals who prescribe testosterone therapy to women stay away from Andriol.

Andriol may cause male pattern baldness to progress. Though steroids like Andriol are commonly blamed for hair loss, this is a misconception.

If you are prone to balding, or if the men in your family tend to go bald, then Andriol could speed this process along and cause you to lose hair more quickly. Otherwise, you may notice no Andriol side effects relating to the thickness of your hair.

Too much Andriol can cause a condition known as priapism. Even at therapeutic doses, there is a risk for priapism when using Andriol.

It occurs when men sustain an erection for longer than four hours, and it can be dangerous or even cause permanent injury. If you experience priapism, you should seek immediate medical attention.

Andriol side effects are typically mild, and most men never experience them when they use this common form of testosterone according to their doctors’ directions.

However, when using Andriol for performance enhancement, those risks start to increase alongside the dose. To be on the safe side, never use more Andriol than recommended, and keep vigilant watch for unwanted changes to your body.