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3 Benefits of Seated Barbell Calf Raises

The seated version of barbell calf raises isn’t very popular, but it should be. Not only does it require no special equipment, but can also allow you to hit a part of the calf muscle you might be missing. Below are three benefits to doing seated barbell calf raises like this. Hit the Often Ignored […]

3 Reasons to Add Bent Over Barbell Rows to Your Routine

Bent over barbell rows are one of the most old school back exercises you can do. While many lifters often opt for machine, cable, or dumbbell rowing movements, bent over barbell rows should not only not be overlooked, but are often preferable. Below are three reasons why. No Special Equipment Needed Unlike most other back […]

How to Perform the Around the World Workout Correctly

Sometimes you just want to go to the gym and get a great pump. On chest day, this often comes by way of doing a high rep finisher on the bench press, dips to failure, or even some super slow sets of cable crossovers. However, the around the world workout is an alternative you should […]

How to Bench Properly to Avoid Injury

While the barbell bench press is one of the best strength and muscle builders a lifter can do, it can also be quite damaging to the body. Ask any lifter with several years in the gym, and they’ll almost always tell you to learn how to bench properly first. If you don’t, you could end […]

Dumbbell Incline Fly vs Flat Fly

The dumbbell incline fly, though often incorrectly performed, are one of the best chest exercises you can do. It provides an excellent contraction, an even better stretch, and targets that all so important upper pec that it vital to creating good upper body aesthetics. However, how does the dumbbell incline fly compare to the flat […]

Use Strict Pull Ups to Eventually Go Weighted

Pull ups were once a seldom seen movement that only old school lifters did. Your “everyday” trainee usually did pull downs instead. However, now you’re seeing everyone from bodybuilders to soccer moms hanging from the pull up bar. That said, if you ever want to start adding extra weight, you’re going to have to be […]

5 Ways to Make the DB Bench Press More Effective

The DB bench press is one of the more popular gym exercises you see. Not only a great way to build the chest, it’s also a good strength builder. It can also be an alternative for lifters with joint issues that get exacerbated by benching with a straight bar. Below are five tips that can […]

How to Perfect Your Incline Bench Press Form

While proper exercise technique is always important, incline bench press form is often underestimated. This is because lifters often turn their attention to technique-intensive movements like Olympic lifts, or worry about exercises such as squats, deadlifts, or rows. However, poor incline bench press form can lead to drastic muscular imbalances as well as injured shoulders. […]

Use these 4 Deadlift Techniques to Add Weight to the Bar

There’s not much that defines real world strength like picking up something heavy off the ground. As a result, if you want to be “real world” strong, then the deadlift needs to be a part of your program. However, you don’t want to just deadlift – you want to be able to pull as much […]

How to Do a Pistol Squat

As more and more people train at home, utilize “functional” training movements, and incorporate bodyweight exercise into their workout programs, learning how to do a pistol squat has become quite popular. They’re actually a great exercise as they’re not only good at building, but an excellent measure of strength, balance, body control, and flexibility. If […]

4 Reasons Why You May Want to Change to Trap Bar Deadlifts

Squats and deadlifts are generally considered two of the best lower body and strength exercises you can do. However, they both have their drawbacks. They can be difficult to learn, you have to choose which style of each you’re going to do, and letting your technique break on either and easily lead to injury. However, […]

Are Barbell Calf Raises Enough to Build Muscle?

Standing calf raises are pretty much the “go to” to build the calves, and barbell calf raises are about the most simple version you can do. Many think you need a machine or at least a leg press to work the lower leg thoroughly, but barbell calf raises allow you to get a good workout, […]

What Muscles Do Wide Pushups Target?

Though bench press variations are definitely the most popular exercise in the gym, wide pushups shouldn’t be overlooked. Wide pushups are excellent variation of the old calisthenics standby, and can be a great way to work the upper body that you’re not used to. Wide Pushups and the Muscles they Hit It’s no secret that […]

Smith Squat Machine vs Barbell Squats

While the barbell squat is often called the “king of exercises”, using the smith squat machine is an excellent variation. This is because using the smith squat machine is both easier to learn than a free standing barbell squat and you can push yourself harder without the risk of having to “dump” a barbell if […]

3 Reminders for Killer Smith Machine Calf Raises

Many gym goers may look for calf-specific machines to work the lower leg, but smith machine calf raises will give you all you need. They’re perfectly stable, allow you to really jack up the weight, and allow you to get an excellent workout in almost any gym setting. This is because most facilities will have […]