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12 Parallel Bar Exercises for a Killer Body

With the rise in popularity of playground workout videos on the internet, more and more lifters are looking to incorporate such training into their routine. While it often looks like you have to have a lot of experience to do this sort of thing, almost anyone can easily start with just a few parallel bar […]

7 of the Best Kettlebell Exercises You need to be Doing

Kettlebells started to experience a popularity surge in the workout industry (especially in North America) in the early 2000s, largely due to Pavel Tsatsouline. Once thought to be yet another fitness fad, kettlebells (KBs) are definitely “here to stay”, as the old cliché goes. However, do you know which kettlebell exercises you should be doing? […]

Learn How to Build Trap Muscles with these 5 Exercises

Anyone serious about bodybuilding needs to know how to build trap muscles. Big, square shoulders make an aesthetic physique, but it’s the traps that give you that look of power. Besides, having a set of thick, strong trapezius muscles also keeps the neck durable and can prevent injury. If you’re serious about learning how to […]

The Ultimate Guide to Build a Bigger Back

Pretty much every lifter wants to build a bigger back. Unfortunately, this idea often gets over-complicated. Lifters then spend too much time either doing the wrong exercises, doing too many exercises, or doing exercises the wrong way. Below is a guide on how to build a bigger back you can follow so this doesn’t happen […]

7 of the Best Squat Alternatives to Build Your Legs

The squat is generally known as the “king of all exercises” because of the massive muscle size and strength it can build. However, squatting isn’t a great exercise for all trainees. Lower back or knee problems, body structure not conducive to squatting, or even just bad form could mean other exercises would be a better […]

Making the Most Out of a 2 Day a Week Workout

It’s no secret that people are busier today than ever before. Long hours, overtime, extended commutes, and more can lead to a schedule more hectic than you might like. Something has to give to create more time, and that something often ends up being the gym. Luckily, you can still accomplish a lot with a […]

Trigger Protein Synthesis with 2 Reps Slow 2 Reps Fast

If you’re looking to add to a new trick to your hypertrophy arsenal, “2 reps slow 2 reps fast” might be what you’re looking for. As the name would imply, you alternate mini-sets of doing 2 reps slow 2 reps fast within one regular sized macro-set. If you’ve never tried this before, get ready for […]

A Full Body Rubber Band Workout Routine

Rubber bands (also called resistance bands) can make for a great training session. They’re light, portable, and virtually perfect for working out while on the road. However, a rubber band workout takes a little more thought than your typical gym routine. That’s okay though – with proper planning, a rubber band workout can give you […]

Can I Build my Legs without Hamstring Curls

Face it – everyone gets busy sometimes. And when you do, something has to give…and that something is often your workouts. This means truncated, efficient training has to be the name of the game. Or maybe you’re a novice lifter not yet ready for an overly involved routine. Either way, it can be easy to […]

5 Interesting and Perhaps Contradictory Ways to Induce Muscle Growth

They say there’s “more than one way to skin a cat”. Similarly, there’s more than one way to induce muscle growth. Sure, basic strength and hypertrophy methods of moderate to heavy weights and moderate volume pretty much always work. However, there are lesser known methods that work, too. Below are a few ways to induce muscle […]

How to Avoid Becoming Skinny Fat after a Cut

You spend all this time working out, eating a lot, and lifting heavy. You put on a bunch of size. A special event is coming up, so you endure a grueling cut to strip off all the body fat. You’re finally left with a lean, muscular, and aesthetic physique for all your efforts. Because you […]

How to Get the Most Out of a Push Pull Routine

The push pull routine is a longtime favorite of both bodybuilders and everyday gym goers. It’s simple, logical, and when done properly, it gets great results. However, there are a few ways you can maximize your push pull routine progress. Consider the below to get even better workout gains and improve your physique. Why the […]

How to Preserve Strength During a Cutting Phase

Being big and strong is cool. Being fat isn’t. This is why pretty much anyone concerned with having an aesthetic physique is going to eventually enter a cutting phase where they try to lose fat. The problem this is that they often go catabolic, losing both muscle and strength. Ideally, you’d be able to lose […]