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Roasted Vegetable Pita with Chipotle Sauce

Produce is one of the most common foods that goes bad and has to be tossed out, which is why we think these roasted vegetable pita sandwiches are so amazing. Paired with a simple chipotle sauce for extra flavor, these pita sandwiches are a great way to use up any leftover vegetables in the fridge […]

Thai Peanut Chicken Satay

Flavor is pushed to the limit in this Thai peanut chicken satay. Marinated in a simple but delicious coconut milk base, these chicken skewers are then broiled to perfection and paired with a flavorful peanut sauce. Simple to make for a family dinner but just as fantastic for a BBQ with friends, these Thai peanut chicken […]

Apple and Cheddar Butternut Squash Soup

Similar to salads, soups are one of those dishes that can appear to be healthy but be packed with hidden calories and fat. While most soups hide calories in heavy cream, butter or even meats, this apple and cheddar butternut squash soup is a light and meatless option that still has that creamy, flavorful texture […]

BBQ Hawaiian Flatbread Pizza

Pizza is often thought of as a “cheat meal” and for good reason. With an abundance of excess carbohydrates, fat and calories, pizza tends to be a food that gets pushed to the wayside when one is trying to simply eat healthier or lose weight. Thankfully however, pizza doesn’t have to be gone forever! It’s […]

Spinach Lasagna Roll Ups

Lasagna is a classic family meal in a lot of homes but sometimes making an entire lasagna can sound daunting. It can also be a very heavy meal that is stuffed with meat and cheese making it an unhealthy choice – which is why these spinach lasagna roll ups are meatless and lightened up! Instead of […]

Roasted Butternut Squash with Cranberries and Feta

Holiday parties are traditionally filled with not so nutritious choices. While splurging every now and again won’t totally ruin your diet, it is always helpful to have at least one healthy dish present. And while this roasted butternut squash dish may be healthy, that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t taste amazing! Butternut squash is one […]

Shredded Brussels Sprout Salad

Despite their nutritional potency, Brussels sprouts aren’t a very well received vegetable. Most of the issues arise with cooking the sprouts, when a pungent smell can be produced. How can you possibly enjoy eating something that you can’t stand smelling? Don’t cook it to begin with! As a member of the cruciferous vegetable family, Brussels […]

Lasagna Stuffed Spaghetti Squash

Spaghetti squash season only comes around once a year and when it does, you’d better take advantage of it. When cooked, spaghetti squash resembles actual spaghetti strands, hence its name. These noodle-like strands are not only an excellent pasta substitute but also serve as a fantastic source of vitamins, minerals and even fiber. One cup […]

Sausage, Kale and Potato Soup

White potatoes get a bad rap. Though they are clearly not as healthy as their orange siblings, white potatoes aren’t the diet devil that they have been labeled as either. The issue with white potatoes is how they are prepared in dishes, such as with French fries, mashed potatoes or loaded baked potatoes. The potato […]

Pumpkin Quinoa Chili

Thought of as boring and lackluster a lot of times, many people dread meat-free recipes. While lean meats serve as a fantastic source of protein and many other nutrients, plant-based meals have just as many benefits to one’s diet and overall health and well being. This meatless chili recipe packs a double punch in terms […]

Buffalo Chicken Taco Salad

Now you might not know it, but that obsession you have with spicy food is actually a healthy obsession to have. Chili peppers (and hot sauces) contain capsaicin, the compound that is responsible for making chili’s spicy and thus causing your eyes to water. Capsaicin has shown an ability to fight and reduce inflammation in the […]

Simple Chicken Pho

Pho is a popular Vietnamese soup that is a blend of broth, noodles and typically either beef or chicken. Normally low in fat but rich in several nutrients, pho is a healthy option to choose when out on the town. A restaurant serving of pho contains roughly 367 calories, 25 grams of protein and 6 […]

Balsamic Mustard Pork with Rosemary Roasted Potatoes

Pork is one of the most popular protein sources. With similar stats to chicken breast, pork can have varying nutritional facts due to the different cuts and types. One serving of pork chops is considered to be 3 ounces, or roughly the size of a deck of cards. While some cuts of pork chops can […]

Chicken Enchilada Cauliflower Rice Bowl

Cauliflower is one of the most neutral vegetables out there, giving it the ability to take on almost any flavor and be used as a substitute in all kinds of different recipes. Unfortunately for cauliflower however, its green sibling broccoli often overshadows it. While broccoli itself offers a plethora of health benefits, cauliflower contains an […]

Garlic Shrimp Stir Fry

Stir-frys are the perfect prep-ahead meal. Not only are they easy to vary and alter to different tastes and preferences, stir-frys are also easy to fill with an abundance of vegetables. This Garlic Shrimp Stir-Fry utilizes not only shrimp but also edamame, boosting the protein content of this dish more than the traditional stir-fry. Alongside […]