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5 Ways Mindfulness can Cure Negative Thinking

Stress is a natural part of life, and many experts agree that some stress is healthy – and necessary. However, too much stress can create a pattern of negative thinking that affects every part of your daily life. Mindfulness is the state of being “in the present”; it’s being aware of your current surroundings. Fortunately, […]

9 Buddhist Quotes You can Learn From

At its core, Buddhism teaches the notions of acceptance and peace, which are vital for your wellbeing. Here are nine Buddhist quotes that you can carry with you from day to day to help you feel more relaxed and centered. #1 – “Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without.” This powerful quote alludes to […]

Be Wary of these 12 Signs of Stress

Stress is a part of everyday life. In fact, psychologists around the world agree that some stress is necessary for a healthy wellbeing. However, too much stress can create physical symptoms that are annoying, painful, or just plain scary. Here are 12 signs of stress you should keep in mind. #1 – Hair Loss Although […]

5 Ways Exercise Improves Brain Function

It turns out that regular exercise isn’t just good for your muscles – it’s also good for your brain. Multiple scientific studies have revealed some amazing brain function benefits associated with regular exercise, so get up and get moving right away to improve everything from your memory to your self-esteem. #1 – Exercise Prevents Cognitive […]

Boost Your Mental Toughness for Better Gains

The simplest of Google searches can result in a plethora of motivational quotes about discipline, dedication, and mental toughness. “It’s mind over matter – if you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter” and other such platitudes. But bodybuilding is a physical pursuit. Is mental toughness really that important? The Misunderstood Side of Bodybuilding Bodybuilding is already […]

Use Positive Motivation Techniques to Get Ahead

If you want to get in great shape, you’ll have to do more than just push yourself physically. Positive motivation involves acting in a manner that causes you to expect gains, and differs from negative motivation that results in a fear of punishment. It can be an effective tool for reaching your weight loss and […]

Everyone Should Practice Gratitude Meditation

Everyone from Buddhist monks to Indian chiefs recognize the importance of being grateful for what you have. You don’t have to hold a position of influence to reap the benefits of gratitude meditation, which can provide you with a number of mental and physical benefits. What is gratitude meditation and why is it important? Here […]

Learn How to be Positive with Visualization Meditation

The human brain is a pattern-making machine. It associates all of our actions with either failures or successes. If you never take the time to be still and enjoy the results of tranquility, your brain does not get a chance to associate stillness with success. Learning to be positive with visualization meditation is one of […]

How to Properly Meditate

It’s no secret that meditation can help you alleviate stress, but what you may not know is that it can also help you reach your fitness goals faster. Knowing how to properly meditate is required if you are to reap any of the benefits, which is why we are providing you with this comprehensive guide. […]

Life Hacks: Get My Mind Right

There are two very important components to creating your wellbeing. There’s physical fitness, and there’s mental fitness. If you often feel stressed out, scatterbrained, or mentally exhausted, and you tell yourself, “I need to get my mind right,” there are some tips you can try to help you improve your overall mental state and do […]

9 Tips for Creating the Perfect Meditation Room

Becoming fit requires more than just focusing on the physical, as your mental health is equally important. Studies show that meditating 20 minutes a day can provide you with some amazing benefits, especially when performed in the right atmosphere. Here are 9 things to keep in mind that will help you develop precisely the right […]

7 Wellness Spa Getaways You’ll Want to Visit

If you go online and look for “wellness spa getaways”, chances are good that you’ll find dozens upon dozens of options. However, in many cases, the best choices are those that are little-known and tucked away in the mountainside. Here are seven lesser-known wellness spas and why you want to visit them. #1 – Jungle […]

How to Feel Better About Yourself

Learning how to feel better about yourself is the first step in improving your overall wellbeing. Healthy self-esteem doesn’t come from others; it comes from overcoming your own fears, making up for perceived shortcomings, and even turning anxiety and doubt into happiness and surety. Here are seven ways to feel better about yourself starting today. […]

9 Ways to Make Sure You have a Positive Day

Externally, our lives are made up of a collection of the things that we do on a daily basis. More often than not, we tend to rush through every day activities without bringing awareness and positivity to each moment. This is also very much the same internally when it comes to thoughts. How we speak […]